How to install mega ramp mod in gta 5 in 2021

Hello, friends in today’s post I will tell you how to install mega ramp mod in gta 5. this ramp mod is using a lot of games today, and using it making videos on youtube and live streaming on Facebook And you are earning a lot of money, you also have this golden opportunity, you too can earn a lot of money by using this ramp and can also play it.

How to install mega ramp mod in GTA 5

All the people who play the gta5 game today must install all the time mode because playing this mode is different fun, in which you can also do racing with your friends and test the speed of many vehicles. because today I will tell you how to install four ramps. This video is totally based on how to install mega ramp mod in gta 5.

How to install mega ramp mod in GTA 5

If you face any problems in understanding the text, you can also watch my youtube video below in which I have explained very well how you can install a ramp in gta5.

This ramp is very easy to install and all you need to do is a few clicks and in a few clicks, this ramp will be successfully installed inside your GTA 5. The installation of this ramp is so easy that even a small child can install it in GTA 5.

But if you have a computer with very low specifications then maybe this ramp will be installed but your game will start crashing if your game is crashing again and again then you can watch this video of mine to watch this video After that your GTA 5 will not crash because in this video I have told how to fix this problem if your gta5 crashes.

I have told all the process and all the steps very well in this post, if you are facing any kind of problem then you can watch the video by clicking on the video below and this video is completely in Hindi. Available in language so that you will not face any problems, in this video I have explained every step very well to all of you, if you face any kind of problem, then definitely watch this video made by me there.

To install this ramp you are going to need some basic things like menyoo trainers should already be installed in your gta5 if you don’t have menyoo installed in your gta5 then you can watch this video in this video I have explained everything Some have told how you can install menyoo trainers in your gta5.

Installing the menyoo trainer is very easy all you have to do is drag and drop some files and your menyoo trainer will be installed only after installing the menyoo trainer you have to install a mega ramp in gta5 without menyoo trainer mega ramp your gta5 will not install.

In this post, I have given a total of 4 ramps files that you have to install in your gta5.

Follow these steps

Step 1 – Install Menyoo Trainer

If you don,t know how to install menyoo trainer then watch this video.

Step 2 – Download these mega ramp files.

File 1 :- Download

File 2 :- Download

File 3 :- Download

File 4 :-  Download

Step 3 – Extract each file and drag and drop

  • Use any extracting software like WinRAR etc.
  • Open GTA 5 file location.
  • Now open the MenyooStuff folder.
  • Extract your downloaded files.
  • Open your downloading folder and drag and drop all files into the MenyooStuff folder.

Now open your GTA V and enjoy your ramp mod in GTA 5.


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