How to install gta 5 trainer in PC in 2020

In this post I will tell you How to install GTA 5 trainer PC, Friend or Process is a very easy process, you do not have to click just one, you will install this trainer in your PC.

gta 5 trainer

What is GTA 5 trainer?

First of all, you have to know what is GTA 5 trainer. Trainer is a means that you can run the whole game according to your mind, you can import a car, bike or any vehicle anywhere and can reach anywhere easily and your Gun bullets will also never end and you can use the gun that you want, any vehicle you want, helicopter, bus, truck, anything comes in your front.

You can also reach in the sky if you want, you will not have any effect on the bullets, you will be attacked by the police, nothing will happen, your bullets will never end and you can run very fast, jump very high and so many other things you will do.

How popular is gta5?

GTA game is a very popular game, its popularity is all over the world and there are many users who play this game, the game has also surpassed the movies in terms of earning and this game can be set a new record of earning.

You can guess the popular city of this game by the fact that the more people who are playing this game, this game sold more than 115 million copies,

Then the friend is this game much more popular and probably all of you must have played some pot of this game, but right now gta5 is its latest version and GTA 6 is going to be in the market very soon and that game is from GTA 6 It will also be better.

If you want to purchase this game then click here

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How to install GTA 5 trainer PC.

However in this post, I will tell you how you can install GTA 5 trainer PC, It is simple below, you will get a download link and as soon as you click on the download button. This is the best GTA 5 trainer.

You will go directly to the top of my Google Drive page, there you will find the download button on that page, why do you have to click on that download button As soon as you click on download your downloading will start.

The file that you will download will be a rar file, you will have to extract that rar file and after extracting it, two files will be created. You have to go to both of us and paste the file at the location of gta5.

Follow these steps to install GTA 5 trainer PC.

Step 1 – Click on the download button and you will redirect to the next page and wait 20 seconds, after 20-second you will get two download button click on the first download button then you will go from another page in this page one green color download button is present click on this button and download the rar file. ( GTA 5 trainer download link present in the bottom).

Step 2 – Then click on the next download button then you will be redirected to this page ( shown in figure) then click on the download button and download script hook V.

gta 5 trainer

Step 3 – Extract this rar file. (If you don’t have any extracting software then install win rar software this is a best-extracting software. Click here to download win rar software.

Step 4 – When you extract this two rar file then this rar file convert into two files.

Step 5 – Open the first file ( trainer 5 file) and copy the all files.

Step 6  – Right-click on GTA 5 icon ( shown in the image).

gta 5 trainer

Step 7 – After the right click then one menu bar is open in this menu bar click on open file location.

Step 8 –  Paste the files those are coping from the first file.

Step 9 –  Now open the second file then open bin folder copy all files are present in bin folder and do the same things ( Where you pasted the items of first file. You paste the things of the other file as well.)

You do not need to do anything. You have successfully installed the GTA 5 trainer PC. Now the trainer has been installed in your game.

Now you open your game and enjoy the trainer, but there is a problem now how will you get the option of the trainer. You have to go to your keyboard and one of the functions in the keyboard, you have to press F3 of the function keys.

After pressing F3, the trainer’s option will come on top of your screen. Sales in anything you comfortable with the trainer and played their game successfully.

I have told you all these things in very easy steps. I did the same thing with the game and today I am successfully using my trainer and enjoying the scheme.

There is also a video at the bottom of this post, which is in the Hindi language, if you watch that video then all your doubts will be cleared because in that video I have told everything step by step in the form of the video which you can explain. It will be very easy, so you must watch that video, that video is in Hindi language.gta 5 trainer


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post very much and you will have successfully installed GTA 5 trainer pc. To write this post I took the help of the internet and watched videos of youtube from there.

I saw it and came and told you, and I hope that you will remember this website in writing this post and in explaining to you, I brought a lot of time is extended so must go over the video and give subscribed my channel support and stay connected with my channel so that I may teach no tricks, not to further a game like that.

Thank you so much, everyone, I hope this trick is work and you are enjoying GTA 5 game.

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