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How to install GTA 5 space mod in PC

In today’s post, we will tell you how you can install GTA 5 space mod because, with the help of this mode, you can go into space and play the game. You may experience some difficulty in installing this turn. So I have written the article below, and you will also find a YouTube video at the bottom. If you watch that video completely, then I can say that you will install GTA 5 space mod.

What is GTA 5 space mod?

The unique thing about this mode is that you can go to any other planet and play the game. Each planet you go to will get a different mission on that planet. There you will also find creatures from other planets that we call aliens.

You must kill these aliens and complete the mission. You are going to have a lot of fun in this game, and also I wrote an article on GTA 5, in which I told how you could install the trainer in GTA 5, and with the help of that process, you can do anything Can be ordered anywhere. But in this post today, I am telling you how you can install or process GTA 5 space mod?

gta 5 trainer pc

How do I install GTA 5 space mod?

There is a little lengthy process. You may have some confusion to understand this. So I have written this very long and comprehensive article and explained your step by step very well. If you read this post thoroughly, then you will not face any problem in installing GTA 5 space mod.

It took me a lot of hard work to write this post. There is a lot you can do in GTA 5 space mod. You will get a lot of options here. There will be a chance to visit many planets. You can play on all those planets and complete the mission.

Another unique thing about this mod is that you can teleport directly to any planet without completing any mission. You do not need to complete any mission.

You will just do one click, and you will find yourself on another planet, and by going to that planet, you can complete those missions. But if you want to sit perfectly in a rocket and fall into another planet, then in this mode you can do that too.

Download these seven files

  1. Script Hook V
  2. ScriptHookVDotNet
  3. LUA Plugin for Script Hook V 
  4. NET] NativeUI
  5. Open iv
  6. No Boundary Limits
  7. Grand Theft Space [.NET]

After downloading these files install open iv and the rest of the files copy-paste on GTA 5 file location.

How do you get to the Moon in GTA 5?

As soon as you install GTA 5 space mod, you will see a star sign on its map. You have to walk and go near the star sign. As soon as you go near the mark of the star, you will get some missions there for all those missions.

Please don’t use the direct method to go into space because, if you use the direct method, you will not get any rocket. That’s why I say that you first go to that star mark on the map and go there and complete the mission and sit in a rocket with full sincerity to go to space.

How to install GTA 5 space mod in PC

You will get an outstanding experience. I also tried I got the best experience by playing in this game.

After completing the mission after going the star route, I will ask you to go to another planet and get the mission. You will get a very good experience in this.

If you go that way, you will also get an excellent experience. You will see all the planets up close. You will get experience with all this.

In this game, if you complete the missions well, then only you will get a rocket. So if you listen to me, you should honestly go into the rocket. After going into space, you have many options. (GTA 5 space mod)

You can elevate yourself above any planet. Many planets will come before you. Whichever planet you have to go to, you can go to that planet, so in front of all of them, if our planet is the moon, then it is right to go to the moon itself. It doesn’t take long for you to go to the moon.

Also, if you go to another planet, you may take a little longer. However, if you go to the moon, you will get an excellent experience. If you look at the Earth from there, you will see the Earth very well.

You will get a similar experience when you go to the moon. Apart from the Moon, if you visit another planet, you will not get that experience because the Earth is far away from there, and from there you will only see a small star. Whereas if you go to the moon, from there, you will see the earth very well. So, friends, I will ask you to go to the moon first. (GTA 5 space mod)

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Now let’s know how you can install this model. To install this mode, I have given some links below. You must go through all these links and download all files. If you are facing any problems with downloading, then you must watch my YouTube video below.

In that, I have explained each process step by step very well. But that video is in Hindi. So you may have some problems. But if you do not understand Hindi, then you just look at all the steps that I have done in it if you see all those steps also.

How to install GTA 5 space mod in PC

So you will be able to install this mod without any hassle. I have described every step very well in my video. If you know the Hindi language, then there is no problem.

You will be able to install this mode easily and you need to have at least 500 MB of data to install this mod. If you have 500 MB of data, then you will be able to install this mode because some files have to be downloaded in it, and the size of all files will be around 500 MB.

I have given a link to some files here. You should download these seven files, and it will cost your data at least 500 MB. These are seven files. You download all these files. Without downloading these files. You cannot install GTA 5 Space Mod. All these files are very important.

To install GTA 5 space mod because with the help of these files you will be able to explore all those processes and all those things in GTA 5, so this file is very important files for you, these files are not that much size ], But file size is slightly more than a file. It is at least 415MB in size while the rest of the files are not as large.

GTA 5 space mod

I hope you have understood everything I have said. In this whole process, the primary process in your computer is a software called WinRAR. It is very important to install it because with the help of that software you can open all these files.

Without that software, you cannot open all those files. Therefore, I am also giving you the download link to the software. You can download the software by clicking on it.

The size of the software is also very small, and as far as I know, this software will be on your computer because everyone uses this software and this software is beneficial. So in most people’s computers. This software is already there, and as far as I think this software is already in you. If not, you can click on that link and download this software. (GTA 5 Space Mod).


I hope you liked this article. I have been given too much time to write this article, and I hope that with this article you will have installed the GTA 5 Space Mod because in this article I explained everything to you very well. If you are still having any problems, then I have given a link to the YouTube video under it. (GTA 5 space mod)

If you face any problems, with this article, you will have to watch a video on YouTube, which is in the Hindi language. This will help you more, and you will be able to install GTA 5 Space Mod more easily, and whatever you suggest, please tell us in the comment section below. Me and if you are having any kind of problem. To install the GTA 5 space mod, comment to me below.

I will reply to your comment. But as far as I know, I have explained so well in the article and video that you will not face any problem. I have done a lot in this article. I have explained everything in-depth, so I hope you do not face any problems. If you still have any questions, you can also email me or comment below. I will explain to you the complete solution very well and will respond to your email and comments. I hope I took your precious time and forced you to read this article and I hope that your time is not wasted at all because you are going to learn something from here,


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