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Top 11 best online classes apps for students in 2023

In this post, I will tell you about the 11 best online classes apps that will help students to do online classes during this COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Online classes have become normal for students and teachers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The kind of situation that is going on today, everyone has to stay at home, due to which all schools and colleges are closed.

best online classes apps

In this, the biggest problem becomes for us that now we cannot get out of the house, due to which children’s education is getting interrupted a lot. But every problem has some solution and we all have also found its solution.

You can do your classes sitting at home only with the help of the internet, if you have a good internet connection then you can do online classes for free while sitting at home and you can do those things at home.

You can learn while sitting on your mobile and laptop. But, there were many remote areas where poor internet connection is available, but the govt. is working on this situation.

So, now I am going to tell you about the top 11 best online classes apps that will help students to do classes.

Top 11 best online classes apps

1. Byju’s

It is considered to be India’s most prestigious app that will be listed in our top 11 best online classes apps for students.

This app has been generally made keeping in mind the students of India. If you are an Indian, then it is going to prove very beneficial for you in this app to do classes.

best online classes apps

In this application, classes 4 to 12 are present, whatever the student’s questions are in mind, they are solved through Byju’s app and there are many video lectures of all the courses which the students can go through it.

Apart from all, these preparations for competitive exams are also made in this application. If you want to do engineering, then preparation of competitive exams like JEE, NIT, UPSC, and Bank PO is also done inside this app.

Apart from all these, a new feature has been introduced in this app, in which children are now taught computer coding. If your interest is in the computer, then you can learn coding through whitehat junior.

To avail of all these facilities, you have to spend at least 3500 as its facilities start from 3500. This application is available for both Android and iOS.

2. Unacademy

This is the second most popular app in the list of top 11 best online classes apps. You must have heard the name of this company ever since online classes are becoming very popular. The company is becoming popular very fast.

Inside this application, students can prepare for all their competitive exams. Like you can prepare for many exams of UPSC, JEE, NEET, SSC, CAT, and Banking sitting at home.

best online classes apps

This app has classes every day and you should join the classes of the courses in the sector in which you are preparing, in this app, you will have to take a subscription for which you will have to pay some amount.

But, many people don’t afford this due to higher fees. For them also there are some free courses inside this app, by seeing which you can prepare for your competitive exams for free.

This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms, if you have any one of these devices then you can use this app on your phone.

3. Vedantu

This app is also like other apps that you have seen now and it is also a very popular app in the field of online classes. This is the third most popular app in the list of top 11 best online classes apps.

The most important thing about this app is that in this app you will get classes from class 1 to class 12. Apart from this, children who have more interest in computers can increase their coding skills through this app.

best online classes apps

Within this app, you will get the option to watch live classes and many competitive exams are also prepared. There are many things inside this app for free.

But if you want to use the premium features of this app then you will have to spend ₹4000. After spending ₹4000 you can use all the features of this app including the online mock test, crash course, etc.

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4. Toppr

This application is also a very popular online learning app in the list of top 11 best online classes apps. You will get many courses easily available inside.

The syllabus is available for all classes inside this app, if you are in CBSE, ICSC, or any of these boards, or if you are in any of your state boards, then the syllabus for that is also available for these boards.

best online classes apps

Within this app, students of classes from class VIII to XII are also given live online session which includes a mock test, whichever children do their live session and solve the mock test given to them, their preparation is very good.

This app is also prepared for many competitive exams, including the olympiad, AIIMS, NDA, CA foundation, JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, etc.

All the courses in this application are quite expensive, if you want to take the basic plan, then you will have to spend at least ₹ 30000.

5. Doubtnut

As the name suggests, it works to clear the doubts of all the students, if the student has any doubt in any question of his course, then going through this app can clear your doubts.

It is the best online classes app to clear your doubts. The working method of this app is very different if you have doubt in any question then you can find your doubt by visiting its website or application.

best online classes apps

If you don’t get the answer to your question then you can upload an image of your question. You can upload it on its website and in a few seconds you will get the answer to this question.

If you don’t understand the questions, inside this application, you will get all the answers in the form of videos, then the answers to some questions will be explained to you very well through the video.

In this application, you will get all the syllabus from class 6th to 12th that follows the NCERT pattern. Many competitive exams are also prepared inside this application like IIT, JEE, etc.

It is currently available for Android but this app is not developed for iOS but it will be available for iOS very soon.

6. Google Meet

This application is made by Google. It is the most demanding google online classes app.

Today, there have been many users of this application all over the world, the biggest reason for that this application is available for free to everyone.

best online classes apps

To join the meeting, you have just need an email id. And you can use this application absolutely free by signing with your email id.

This application is very easy to use, you just have to click on a link and after clicking on that link, you will join this application. Its joining process is much simpler than all other applications.

Many features are available in this app, you can share the screen of your mobile or computer and you can also show your video by turning on your camera.

It can also have a chat option, and you can also ask your questions through chat or by turning on your mic. Inside this app, there were 250 people can be added at a time, inside a class which is a side of a normal class.

7. Google Classroom

It is a very popular app run by Google. It is the most famous google online classes app. And today many big institutes and coaching classes are taking online classes on this application.

There are many such features in this app that you will not find in any other app, inside this app children can complete their assignments and complete homework, and submit it at the given time.

best online classes apps

In this app, the process of joining the children in the classroom is very easy, you just have to type the court given by the teacher on your mobile and type that code, you will join the classroom created by the teacher.

This is an app in which teachers and students can do all the other things that they do in the classroom. If the teacher wants, they can also take exams, give them marks and discussion. And if any student has any doubt, he/she can also ask any question.

Due to so many features, google classroom is becoming very popular in the whole world today and its users are increasing day by day, there are features like this app, you will not get to see it in any other app.

8. Khan Academy

This app plays a very important role in teaching students for free. This is the most prominent app in the list of the top 11 best online classes apps.

In this app, you will find many video tutorials, if you have any doubt questions then the answer to those questions will be found by watching the video tutorials. Studies are done through videos and children can study by watching videos.

best online classes apps

The mission of this app is that it wants to reach children around the world who do not have money to study and or provide education to them for free.

This application is made keeping in mind for Indians, we Indians speak many languages, due to which you will get videos in more than one language in this app.

This app has a very good picture quality in which students can see their progress and set it accordingly and increase their progress further.

9. Zoom

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, lockdown has been created all over the world. This is the most downloadable app in the list of the top 11 best online classes apps.

This app is made for online classes and online video conferencing and even before the lockdown took place the app was available, but ever since the lockdown has been imposed, the users of this app have increased very fast.

best online classes apps

By growing this app, so many features have come in this application, you can do video calling as well as online classes very easily through this app.

This app is very old and quite has been in this industry for a long time. Due to this, there was no problem with this application in the initial phase.

While many bugs were being seen in all other applications but no bug was seen inside this app because this application has not found any bug in its. All the bugs were already fixed.

10. Duolingo

If you want to learn different languages, then this app is made for you. There are many different language learning materials available in this app. It is the most prevailing app in the list of top 11 best online classes apps.

All the popular languages ​​spoken in the world are present inside this app, if you want to learn any language from them then you can learn very easily through this app.

best online classes apps

There are more than 30 languages ​​inside this application that teach many languages ​​like English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, etc in very fun ways. Your grammar in that language will improve.

Through this app, you can set your daily goal, and the app tracks your progress and also gives you a report of how much you have read in that language, and also takes your exam from time to time.

If you do well at a reasonable price, then you are given some good points in the form of a reward, by using you can unlock new and exciting features of this app.

11. Hangouts

The application is made by Google. This is the most famous google online classes app. In this application, you can do video conferencing with 10 people at a time.

This app is made for basic video conferencing who want to come and teach in online mode, although it is a very old app, due to this situation of COVID-19, this app became quite popular.

best online classes apps

The most special thing about this app is that you can also record your classes through YouTube, and then you can watch and listen anytime after the class is over.

A lot of students are already using this app. If they face any problem, then they can solve their problem by video conferencing through this app. One of the best options of this app that you can also chat with other students.

Inside the app, there are so many features available. If you want to teach online then this app can be a good choice for you.


In this post, I have told about the top 11 best online classes apps that can help students to study during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I hope you will know about everything by reading this post. If you have any queries related to this article then comment below.

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