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All Netflix shows and Amazon Prime video download without any cost (100% free)

Today my topic is Netflix and Amazon Prime video download without any cost. As you all know that today Netflix and Amazon Prime Video has become very big video streaming platform, here you will find all kinds of videos very easily and many people use them, but the problem is only one place comes that we have to pay the money, both this application. To use these apps, you have to take their monthly subscription plan then you can use these apps. Today I am going to tell you a very interesting trick this trick is helpful for Netflix and Amazon prime video download easily.

amazon prime video download freeIf you are having some difficulty in understanding this post, then at the bottom of this post I have linked youtube videos, you see that video, in that video I have explained very well how you can use Netflix and Amazon Prime videos for free and Netflix and Amazon prime video download.

Many of you search for this type of question on Google

Question no. 1

Can I download videos from Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can download but you will not get the download option in all videos of the Amazon Prime app, only in a few selected videos do you get the option of download. Any videos you download from the Amazon Prime app will be saved directly to your SD card or phone memory.

You can watch these videos offline only and only with the help of the Amazon Prime app. You cannot share Amazon Prime videos with any other person or on your computer Because the video file saved on your SD card is in a different format and you only need your Amazon prime account to watch it without that account, you cannot watch that video.

Question no. 2

How do I download Amazon Prime movies to watch offline?

As you all know that you cannot download all videos in the Amazon Prime app, because not all videos have the option of download, only some videos will see the option of download.

But there are some tricks by which you can save all the videos of Amazon in your gallery and also share them with different people.

Trick no.1

Use a screen recorder

The screen recorder records all the activities of your screen, whatever you do above the screen of your mobile, everything is recorded inside the screen recorder and save it in your gallery.

These are some best screen recorders

  1. AZ screen recorder
  2. Xrecorder
  3. Mobizen screen recorder

With the help of this trick, you can download any video on Amazon Prime, but this trick is so time-consuming because first of all, you have to take a subscription on Amazon Prime, after which switch on the screen recorder and then switch on the prime app and You play those videos you want to download.

Trick no.2

Use third-party application

This process is illegal. There are some applications with the help of which you can download videos from Amazon Prime very easily, but this application is illegal and you will not find it on the Play Store, we have discussed this application in the post below.

Netflix and Amazon prime video download without any subscription 100% free

This has become possible only and only due to the third-party application, the name of the application is Cinema apk (Cinema HD apk)

What is Cinema HD APK?

This application is very popular at this time because in this application we get so many movies and Tv shows. You can watch movies and tv shows for free this application is helpful for Netflix and Amazon prime video download and share with your friends and family members.

Applications are becoming very popular in outside countries and the number of users of this is increasing day by day. You can watch any newly released movies a week after its release date. You don’t have to go to the multiplex to watch any movie, you can watch that movie on your mobile screen with very good quality. It is completely legal to use cinema apk/ cinema HD APK as it does not use torrents to stream any video.

Features of Cinema APK/Cinema HD APK

    • It is a legal and safe application
    • Cinema APK does not use torrents for movie streaming it acquires online movie links from different HD sources.
    • Cinema HD APK doesn’t show any illegal pirated content
    • The interface of this application is very simple and clean. It can be very easy to understand everyone.
    • It is a very lightweight application.
    • There is no need to do any kind of registration or sign up to run this application, nor do you have to enter your phone number or email id, all you have to do is just install this application and then open it and use it.
    • In this application, you will see very few ads. You won’t get to see any pop-up ads.
    • If you have a good internet connection then you will not see any problem with buffering.
    • Movies, Hulu, Youtube red,  Netflix and Amazon Prime video download without any cost it’s totally free.

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How do I download and install Cinema apk for android device?

Step 1-  Enable Unknown source in your android device

  • Go to setting and open the “security” setting.

Amazon Prime video download

  • Inside the security setting, you will get an option of unknown sources, make sure this option is on.

Note– This option is enabled in different ways in different mobiles, not only that you will get it here in the security option.

Amazon Prime video download

Step 2- Then install Cinema apk application.

Amazon Prime video download

Step 3- After installing this application

  • After installing, when you open this application for the first time, you will see this type of interface. You will find the menu button at the top. Click on this menu button.

Amazon Prime video download

  • After clicking on the menu button, you will see this type of option. If you want to download movies, then you click on the option of the movie, if you want to download TV shows, then click on the TV shows option, currently, we have to download the shows of Netflix and Amazon prime videos. Therefore click on TV shows.

Amazon Prime video download

  • After clicking on the TV show option, you will see this type of option, in this option you have to click on the small arrow button.

Amazon Prime video download

  • After clicking this arrow button, there will be a menu dropdown, you see the option of Amazon and Netflix, if you want to download the videos of Amazon, then you will click the Amazon list and if you want the watch and download the shows of Netflix, then you will click the Netflix list.

Amazon Prime video download

Download link for Cinema apk/Cinema HD apk

If you click on this button, you will go directly to its official website and download the Cinema apk/cinema HD apk. I personally recommend you to use this option because if you download from the official website then you will get the latest version of the Cinema apkAmazon Prime video download

  • If for some reason you are not able to download the Cinema HD apk from its official website, then you will click on this Google drive link, you can also download this app from here, but first of all, you must try its official website.Netflix and Amazon Prime video download


In this post, I have told you very briefly about Netflix and Amazon Prime video download for free without paying any money, I have put a lot of effort into writing this post and I have done a lot of research.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and your problem will have been solved, If you have any help after reading this post, please write your opinion in the comment section.

Netflix and Amazon Prime video download without any cost (100% free)

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